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    1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and a Jeep for rent.


    Hi guys, Mr. Maruti has asked me if I knew of any students that would be interested in his apartments. He has a 1 bedroom for 350US and a 2 bedroom for 650US. They are located near the Newcastle police station and Rawlin's dorms.

    Those of you that know him, know that he doesn’t just do business with MUA students but he also takes good care of us.

    Also, I will be leaving in December so the jeep that I rent from him will be also be available then. Its a green suzuki pajero. I have rented my vehicles from him since med-1 (2 years) and have been very fortunate to do so. Never had a problem except for a flat tire which he was able to get fixed right away.

    Feel free to contact HIM anytime for more information. All the best for the remainder of this semester.

    Mr. Maruti

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