I have an Asus K42F (link provided below). I just bought it this March (2011) for $680, barely used it. Great laptop, small enough to be light and portable, big enough to replace a desktop. Comes with an unregistered 2 year warranty! Perfect for classroom setting. I am looking to sell it for $450.

I think this is a great bargain, as something like this would cost twice here on the island and at least $600 on the mainland.

Keyboard is amazing on this, and so is the screen. It also has multigesture touch pad too for two fingered scrolling and three fingered zooming (or you can customize the functions)

Windows 7 - 64Bit
2.4 GHZ (really fast!)
500 GB Hard drive(quite a lot of space)

Here is an extended review of the laptop:
ASUS K42F Review