I'm selling my Toyota for 2,600 US$
It is in perfect condition. I have had it since I got on St. Kitts and I have never had a problem with it. All papers are paid for and I just want to get rid of it bcs Im leaving soon. The AC is also really good too. I fill the car up for 60 EC and it lasts me a week and a half and I drive to school everyday and go out on weekends. It is a good buy, I guarantee it. However, I am willing to sell it now but I will still need to use it until August 19th so whoever is interested can either buy it now or then but I will still need to till the 19th so I can still commute to school. Let me know what you think. My number is
869 660 8896
P.s. Jumper cables are included in the car (they were there when I bought it)
If anyone wants pictures email me or call me and I will show send you pics or we could meet up if you are serious about buying it. Again I cant hand the car over to you until after the 19th of August.