Ok guys, one of our roommate is done and we need to cover it up. The house is a 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms.

- $275/month rent
- 20min walk from Campus less than 5min drive
- Have a convenient store up the street (very helpful for those in Med1 with no cars. You don't need to go to town all the time)
- Good landlord, can understand when you are short on RENT
- Safe area (no history of robbery and been leased to students for years)
- Have a full KITCHEN with appliances (trust me dorms does not offer this)

If you were placed in an expensive home, you can kindly ask the house coordinator to cancel that and bring you here. This is exactly what i did when i was placed in a $550/month home. Found this place through valuemd as well, and like it.

If you are serious, PM me or email me at youngz03@yahoo.fr