I have 2 mountain bikes that I have been unable to sell. The only way for me to get rid of them is to trade up at the bike shop for a new one. But since I知 leaving, that will not help my husband and I at all. If someone is willing to buy the bikes off us at a cheap rate, you can use it to trade up for a new one. I値l even go to the bike shop and see what they will buy mine for, and sell it cheaper than that to whomever is interested. That way, I get rid of them, and you get a break in price for a brand, new, shiny Trek!

I知 planning to use this cash to get the dog home that decided to adopt us, and I can稚 leave him hereyou know how animals are treated on this island!

I bought the bikes for about $750 US (I already know I got ripped off). But I am selling them at $100/OBO and $200/OBO. If you need a ride, or want me to bring them to you, I am willing to do that!

Please do no hesitate to PM me with questions! I have pictures for anyone who would like to see them! Thank you!