Study more comfortably.....this Laptop Desk reduces strain
I'm an MUA graduate currently searching for a residency. Thought I'd share this item with you. I'll ship to Nevis or Saba for actual shipping cost. This thing REALLY makes a difference in how long I can study.

Prop yourself comfortably in bed and study all day long without the strain on your neck from looking down at a desktop, or.........

Take it with you to the library or your favorite study spot and set it on the desk with the legs will still hold your book up at the right angle for reading.

Adjustable lid and ledge provides space for a 100 - 1000 page book. The 90 lid range relieves neck and back tension when seated in a chair or lying in a bed.

Lightweight and portable at less than 2 inches thick you can carry by the leather handle or stick it in your book bag.

Stabilizing brass book binder clip (also acts as leg locking clip) holds the book securely open.

This was the ONLY thing that made it possible for me to study all those long hours. Email me any questions.

$75 plus shipping.

Aron H Kerner, M.D.

[email protected]