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    roommate for jan 08


    roomate for jan 08? i would much prefer finding one on my own than being randomly assigned....hit me up if you're interested. i really don't care much about rawlins/potworks....whichever's alright.

    i'm 22/f - will be 23 by jan.....i'm really laid-back....very easy going. i like to play music loud at times (mostly classic rock), but i'm not obnoxious about it. i'm not a neat freak, nor am i all that neat...if you need a super-neat apt @ all times, i'm not your girl.....

    the only thing i'm a stickler about is that it has to be absolutely quiet when i'm studying. that's the only time i can get peeved easily.

    other than that, it's pretty much all good. i like having a few people over every now and then.... and i like to study in groups - a potential roommate would definetely be a potential study buddy.

    i go to bed pretty late. i can cook.....when all other options have been exhausted. i hate cleaning, but i hate a dirty apt more...

    any specifics you'd like to know, send me a msg

    i forgot to add this earlier - i need someone who's not afraid of bugs esp. the giant roaches <<shudder>> i'm petrified of them - dead or alive.....i can take care of pretty much everything else that comes our way....
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