More Medical Mnemonics


DATs Right! - the oxygen dissociation curve shifts RIGHT whenever there is an INCREASE in any of the following: DPG, Acidity, Temperature (DAT)


For the function of the temporal lobes, think of a helmet which covers the side of the head:
H : hearing
E : emotion
L : learning
M : memory


Here's one from one of the psychiatrists on how to remember the symptoms of depression. He said it was like writing a prescription for Energy Capsules.


S - Sleep
I - Interest
G - Guilt
: - (Colon can refer to bowel complaints as this is a common presentation of depression, but not official)
E - Energy (decreased)
C - Concentration (difficult, decreased)
A - Appetite (decreased)
S - Suicidal ideation


HUS/TTP is a CRAFTY syndrome:
C : CNS symptoms
R : Renal failure
A : Anemia (microangiopathic hemolytic anemia, "MAHA")
F : Fever
T : Thrombocytopenia
Y : no one knows "Y" it occurs
2. Normal anion gap acidosis
There's the older mnemonic USED CAR:
U : uterosigmoidostomy
S : saline administration (in the face of renal dysfunction)
E : endocrine (Addisons, spironolactone, triamterene, amiloride,
primary hyperparathyroidism)
D : diarrhea
C : carbonic anhydrase inhibitors
A : ammonium chloride
R : renal tubular acidosis
and a newer mnemonic RAGE:
R : renal tubular acidosis, respiratory acidosis
A : acetazolamide, ammonium chloride
G : GI (diarrhea, enteroenteric fistula, ureterosigmoidostomy)
E : endocrine (same as above endocrine list)
3. Increased anion gap acidosis
The older mnemonic is MUDPIES:
M : methanol
U : uremia
D : diabetes
P : paraldehyde
I : idiopathic (lactic acidosis)
E : ethylene glycol
S : salicylates
and a newer one called DULSI:
D : diabetic ketoacidosis
U : uremia
L : lactic acidosis
S : salicylate poisoning
I : intoxicants (methanol, ethanol, ethylene glycol)


Clubbing (by Doog)

C : cardiac (R -> L shunt)
L : lung (tumor, fibrosis)
U : ulcerative colitis (also Crohn's disease less commonly)
B : bronchiectasis
B : benign mesothelioma
I : inherited; idiopathic; IBD
N : neurogenic tumors
G : GI (cirrhosis, crohn's, UC)

also, Hyperplastic Pulmonary Osteoarthropathy, which didn't fit in the mnemonic!