This is a documentary product of an American journalist with a B.A/M.A background in history, Marty Callaghan. This work is a product of his dissatisfaction with the materials he has read about Armenian Genocide, and an ensuing research in the field.

I didnt bring it here to create more hate or more controversy. I believe, history must serve just "to understand".. and to understand "human". There are other approaches as well and I consider to bring them too (or whoever brings an academically respectable work, it will be another source for us to evaluate).
As we learn more and look at from various points of views, then we can understand better.

For English and French versions:
Trk Tarih Kurumu

The sources:
Turkish National Archives
USA National Archives
Kaleidoscope Archives
Russian Federation Archives
Ullstein Bild
BKP Berlin
Bulgarian National Archives
Romanian National Archives