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    Kim Jong Il and his whining people


    Its really interesting to observe humanity in such bends. How they whine, really, deeply whine. A good lecture to teach my nature to myself: Human can be taken under control that much deeply! Just somehow someway persuade them. Germans of Third Reich time who had been persuaded to Hitler's trues is an example. But ironically todays whole world which is persuaded to perceive Third Reich Germany as a scapegoat is another example of the same weakness. Then by Hitler regime, today by Jewish regime. As for the ones persuaded, they are all the same who are developing "the public opinion". We are persuaded to perceive in a way especially when there is a good reason for it: In Germany after World War I, they were feeling alone and exploited by others, strangers and Jews. They needed an instinctive return to themselves, true Germans and this defensive perception was manipulated by an insane leader. Kim Jong Il (beginning with his ancestors) too, with hard and soft power, was employing this introversive, conservative feelings as well I think. Once you create a system, it becomes really impossible to get out of that paradigm for the society. I observe the same thing in todays France too. They pass through the same intellectual bottleneck. Though every social bottleneck opens into another bottle with another bottleneck ahead. Weird, right? France and North Korea..

    At various degrees, as different hues, but of the same color, how one can skip from one to another point of humanity, which are all the same in essence. Human nature.
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