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Books are in a very good condition (they are practically UNUSED!), prices can be negotiated. Pictures of all listed below are available on request

1. ‘GENETICS IN MEDICINE (6th edition)’ Robert L. Nussbaum, Roderic R. McInnes, Huntington F. Willard

2. ‘THE PHYSIOLOGY COLORING BOOK’ Wynn Kapit, Robert I. Macey, Esmail Meisami

3. ‘THE CELL A MOLECULAR APPROACH (3rd edition)’ Geoffrey M. Cooper, Robert E. Haussman

4. ‘PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY’ William J. German, Cindy L. Stanfield

5. ‘HUMAN ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY (5th edition)’ Elaine N. Marieb

6. ‘FUNDAMENTALS OF ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY (5th edition)’ Frederic H. Martini

If you’re interested, send me a priv msg or contact directly via e-mail ajmielczarek [at] gmail.com