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Thread: HMI and Medical University of Lublin – highly NOT recommended

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    HMI and Medical University of Lublin – highly NOT recommended

    There are a lot things I am disappointed with, that I don’t know what to start with.
    Let me begin by emphasizing the fact, that this is my personal opinion about Medical University of Lublin (MUL) – the school I attended. I am trying here to warn future applicants, make them aware of things that I was not aware of and maybe motivate them to a deeper or alternative search for their educational path.

    In a few bullet points, which I will expand on later, I want to show the main downsides of this institution
    - Very expensive
    - Generally not good teaching staff
    - High expectation of students vs low standard of teaching and working of university staff
    - Not student friendly
    - Overcrowded
    - Badly organized class schedule
    - Barely anything related to NBME or USMLE preparation
    - Hard to get any administrative issues fixed
    - Anatomy department as a worst department in the whole etc.
    - poor organization of clinical ratations, (uncaring staff, badly organized)

    HMI (Hope Medical) is a recruiting agency for MUL and couple of other medical schools in Poland. They claim, they represent students' interests in MUL and associate hospitals in the US in which their students can do clinical rotations.Their affiliated school are recognized by California and New York medical boards, and have illegibility for financial aid. I am not going to go into details about all these stuffs, but I will present some things what I was not aware of before deciding to take my studies.

    It is easy to see tuition cost for MUL and HMI on the HMI website. These are solid numbers which are relatively lower in comparison to the tuition cost of US medical schools. That was one of my biggest motivators. Although, first look at tuition makes one lean towards HMI and MUL, but it is not so pretty as it looks.
    The cost of rotation seems quite high. Most of American medical schools and other Polish medical schools other than associated with HMI have their clinical rotation cost included in general tuition. So in comparison to other polish med school HMI prices are extremely high.

    There are graduates from MUL and HMI, as well as graduates from other polish medical school practicing in the US. Advantage of going with HMI is to pay tens of thousands of dollars toward possibility of being able to do clinical rotation in America. The reality is, that majority of students completing their required basic science course are not ready to take any type of tests (NBME and USMLE step 1) that allow them to do clinical rotation in the US, so they end up doing them in Poland – with slightly less cost, postponing exam time and continuing costly living abroad situation. This phenomenon is related to very poor academic standards (teaching staff, curriculum etc). Generally students completing their basic science (either 6 or 4 year program) can be divided into 3 groups. The first and very small group (estimating – less than 10%) pass their USMLE step 1 after 4 or 2 years respectively and proceed with education as they would do this in a US med school . It is possible, highly unlikely, but it is. Remaining student can be further divided into two categories. One of them takes break to study for USMLE back home for about a year hoping to pass and continue clinical rotation in the US, which in most cases end up going back to Poland to do clinical part and taking another break to study afterwards. The second group stays in Poland for clinical rotations and takes the NBME and USMLE step 1 right after basic science or takes a break to study for mentioned exams. The group that ends up doing rotations in Poland does not take an advantage of a main thing offered by HMI – associated US hospitals, and end up paying similar amount to the cost of the US rotation (housing, home travel etc)

    One can say that it all depends on a student’s motivation and determination to get things done on their own. And it is true. There are people out there who did all that despite everything what is wrong. The problem is that school brings students down to its level. And if there are people who are strong enough to do everything by themselves, they don’t need the middle institution – HMI and pay them to help became certified US physician. They can do it anywhere in the world and pass the USMLE

    HMI and associated polish universities are the perfect examples of a great marketing strategy that sell idea. The key word 'hope' in their name. I saw too many good people earning medical diploma and HOPING to make a US certification. This is well oiled machine focused on making big bucks. Accepting students from Caribbean’s, other Europeans medical schools to overcrowd facilities and staff, give them HOPE and packet their tuition.

    As there is so many foreign students (American, Europeans, Asians, Arabic) with highest tuition cost in Poland they have class schedule on Saturday and sometimes on Sundays, because administration is not able to accommodate all these people to the amount of teacher and facilities available. Polish students (on polish language programs) for whom education is free do not have any classes during weekends.

    The last paragraph is about anatomy department. It is, and it has always been the worst department in the entire university (cause of its management). It is separated from the dean's office which makes it very difficult to get anything done; eg. schedule changes, requests etc. As a "seprate" part of the MUL it feels very important and independent and creates its own ridiculous rules and regulations. For example, curriculum is set up without coordination with other departments, and its main priority is to accommodate BIS (begin in summer) program. What is more, the studies program is organized in a cunning way to unable dissatisfied students to switch the university (it differs from the other Polish medical universities ), but MUL exepts all the students transfering from other schools. Brilliant solution for the school but students have to pay their price for it. Not to mentiot the fact that the university has not enouh space and teachers. As a result groups are big, classes are shorter than scheduled and totally unorganized. There is barely any time with cadavers ( less than an hour a month in a group of 10 - 15 students ). There is ONE thing that the University performs in a flawless and organized manner. It has mastered the way to benefit and profit the school by ripping students off to get additional money in every possible way.

    I could elaborate more on things mentioned above, but it would take another few pages. I can answer some questions here on the forum or you can try to contact Facebook groups of the school you are interested in.

    Big support to hmilie member!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lukeskyfazine View Post
    What happened with the USMLE pass rate this year?

    Hey - the story is this - the pass rate for the USMLE Step 1 was 100%, but for Step 2, it dropped to 68%, I believe. As per the US dept of Education guidelines, the school must maintain a minimum 75% pass rate for both parts, in order to be eligible to participate in the Federal Student Loan Program, so, students who have not yet obtained student loans (i.e., new students, not yet enrolled) are not eligible. This happened a few years ago too - it worked out - once they get the pass rate up again, the school will be re-instated. This happens from time to time with all of the foreign schools. I don't believe this rule applies to US medical schools, otherwise several US schools would have run into the same problem (I am guessing).

    Hope this clarifies it.


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    I do have to agree with some of the points. I also graduated from this university but I took the dentistry program. First of all we do have different registrar staff responsible for each program.

    When it comes to Dentistry which is an asian program mostly full of students from Norway, Saudi and Taiwan/Thailand but a few Germans and Brits. Out of the European, American, Arabic, Asian program, the asian program gets treated the worst not to mention the over charging fee to the agency ( I know the Americans also have to pay Hope) but the admin staffs just never replies to any of the emails but even delayed preparing the transcripts and diplomas which made the asian students missed their national exams back in their home country ( same with Poland held twice a year) which is similar to the lek/ldek. Agency is useless when it tries to rush the admin office to do their job.

    Schedules are pretty unorganized but maybe just for the first few weeks of the semester everything will work out eventually because sometimes the teachers received a different schedule. In terms of teaching, some of the teachers are very helpful and full of knowledge who are willing to teach you but of course some just don't give a fuxk about you, they just hope u all HELP each other and pass first time round so they don't have to waste time for retakes.

    Overcrowding has become an issue even for Dentistry program with programs starting also in February and September. Also with Asians, Polish students. In periodontal class, we had 3 groups (5 in each group) where only 4 patients chairs for a 3 hours clinic class... Not to mention not enough chairs but not enough patients. The Polish students needa bring their own gloves and masks while English programs in some department gets provided but once ehe~ I went to take the gloves , the dental nurses locked them in the cupboard and told us the school hasnt pay them money yet for the equipments ( I was like wth).
    Not only students are unhappy but also the teachers with over working time and no overtime payment not even a raise but deducts their salary why? Due to corruption and bribery all money gone to the top (Dean). Why you think we have to pay Hope or the lins agencies so much.

    And in Asian program when you apply, do try to hide you are Asian [not include Arabs] coz if you have a Chinese face they charge you more. Norwegians paid €3000 for agency fee for entry while the Taiwanese paid triple or more and Arabs €1000 from my year as well as so called Asian Pacific company fee each year when they don't do anything. But from this September the university is opening an International Program without the need of going through agencies coz there was an entrance exam in June, finally!!!!

    I know this is an American med forum therefore I'm not so familiar with the process of what exams you guys have to take when u get home but as for Europeans I won't suggest anyone to come to this university or even the country, is not ready for foreigners it still need time to move on and improve the structure of the system because you will still needa take the ldek/lek. As for rotation `staz` you needa be on a certain level in Polish language. Maybe try Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech or Romania.
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