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Thread: UMED 3rd year

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    Medical "University"of Lodz - 3rd year


    Current student here. I'm gnna clarify as much as possible about UMED.

    Many aspects of the education seem functional on the surface, but are actually so broken that they are ingrained in the culture of the school, and have become part of its identity. More on that later.

    I recently started a few thread entries. One main one that I started was the day-to-day classes in UMED, just to give more transparency when it comes to choosing a school.

    I think trying to say "PLEASE don't attend an international med school! You will never get a job after!" is futile only because I know what I would have thought many moons ago..."This is some butthurt kid who doesn't study.." And listen. That's NOT untrue! There ARE lazy people who complain of education. Of course, we have to be objective. What goes on behind the school walls affects the lazy and hard working ALIKE. That's what I wish to share with you.

    On the 6MD website, you will find the 6MD curriculum. It takes some snooping, but here it is.

    Third Year Courses

    (semesters 5th & 6th)

    Academic Year 2016/2017

    Hours (true hours)
    Communication Skills
    (dont remember..ill get back to you..but i could tell you with some confidence that this was probably a DUPLICATE class, of #2 on this list.)
    Patient-Doctor Interactions in Daily Practice
    (so this class is taught in the new didactic centre, and is something akin to 'How to talk to patients." If you are thinking that this is one of those communication classes about how to strengthen your abilities to communicate and improve your self-esteem, like a self-help book, then no. Let me be clear:
    1. By 3rd- 5th year, you virtually have NO MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE to communicate..so this class is ..how to talk?
    2. Polish Medical doctors are NOTORIOUS for being rude and have a Paternalistic approach to medicine (i.e TELLING the patient what to do and not allowing for ANY discussion)
    3. JUST powerpoints about how to talk...counter intuitive. seems evident to me but clearly not everyone.
    3. THIS class is taught by psychologists, who stand before the class and just speak. They attempt to engage the class as much as possible, but to no avail since they do NOT propose any arguments that students can debate or discuss ! They just state facts..
    4. This time should be better spent teaching 90% of the students to actually speak English)
    20 (10)

    ( What was the assessment for this class? A presentation? A skit with a group of students acting out the proper method to communicate? A paper?


    teacher tells you to write what u think u learned in this class on a piece of paper.

    automatic 5

    Laboratory Diagnostics
    (a disaster of a class. you spend NO TIME IN A LABORATORY. ABSOLUTELY NONE. You sit in a classroom, with a teacher STUTTERING about the lab results present in anemia, liver conditions etc. The teacher(s) behaves as if he hasn't communicated with individuals of the human race before, and when spoken to privately about a personal medical problem, was discovered they had no knowledge of many aspects of lab results, which was infuriating and embarrassing!)
    45 (30)

    (painfully badly written quiz questions, don't bother to study for them, they count for nothing. the EXAM is MCQ, and everyone cheated voraciously.

    The point here is this was an EXAM class...not a credit..wrong info...screwed a lot of students over)
    Pathology PM (Pathomorphology)
    (this class is taught in the new didactic centre. It is technically the most technologically advanced class since they advance from using presentations, to students sitting in from of a computer screen and watching presentation....wow.

    Nearing the end of the semester, there were NO presentations, teachers got too lazy to create them.
    The course, divided into lectures and classes, messes up the organization.Lectures are optional, and are the same boring nonsense as usual.
    Classes end after 1 hour, and are just looking a digital slides of...cancer.
    cancer EVERYWHERE

    NO prep for the NBME ! NONE
    You have to study SEPARATELY ALL YEAR FOR THE EXAM..sorry)
    160 (100)

    (The tests are COPIED and PASTED from one of two of the pathology question books:

    Pretest or Robbins Review.

    You are reading this and thinking.."nice"

    NOO! This isn't high school, this is a serious landmark medical school course that you can basically cheat for the tests and get a fairly good mark..You will have NO KNOWLEDGE coming into the exam

    The EXAM is NBME)
    Pathology PPh (Pathophysiology)
    (a mess of a class, different confused teacher every time.
    Why isn't this combined with pathomorphology?
    It's because they try to showcase the collegium anatomicum, that looks like a mental hospital in the 1800s, to try to seem like a "Harvard" school with an illustrious history. So SO sad.)
    Pharmacology & Toxicology
    (BEST class at this school. Competency among the teachers and lecturers in refreshing, but at many time infuriating..since you get a tiny tiny glimpse of what a real teaching should be like..and then its gone , as quick as it came.

    If i have one concern, it is that it is basically a high school class. There needs to be a distinction between uni and HS or else what is the point?)
    140 (90)

    (NBME, you don't technically prepare from NBME books all year tho..)
    Clinical Pharmacology
    (A WASTE of a class. completely unnecessarily, You walk around a hospital with a doctor asking patients what meds they take! Here's the thing: YOU PAY for classes, that is true, but you also pay for the ability to prepare, and not have your time wasted with additional courses)

    (A powerpoint presentation. OMG the TECHNOLOGY is blowing my mind. DUPLICATE topics from pharmacology..so people self-plagiarize a lot)
    Radiology I
    (WHHHATT! You do not look at ANY RADIO GRAPHS only powerpoints with x-rays..WOULD YOU SEND a doctor a powerpoint of your x ray results???? why not.
    This isn't a real med school or anything)
    24 (15)

    (no assessment)
    Physical Diagnosis I
    (a class where you kinda learn how to take a patient's history, and play with some medical toys.
    NOTE; this class is the #1 class for taking medschool selfies so don't forget your iPhone!!
    Physical Diagnosis II:

    - Cardiovascular System

    - ENT Examination

    - Examination of Joints and Skeletal System

    - Gastrointestinal System

    - Nervous System

    - Ophthalmic Examination

    - Renal System

    - Respiratory System

    (Guys these classes were super short or cancelled during my studies and the exam WAS cancelled and everyone was given an automatic 5 (A) due to the absolute disastrous organization and direction from the professor which lead to dozens of complaints!)
    104 (60)









    (god no.)

    (NO automatic 5 for all students)


    Introduction to Pediatrics
    (an OK clinical class.. but it is a DUPLICATE class, since it is the exact same thing as pediatrics that you do in 4th year. same exam, same teachers. You are paying to do the same class twice!)

    (MCQ quiz)
    Introduction to Surgery
    (a non existing class. You go into the surgery department and get asked if you wanna watch a surgery..if not, you go home..Everyone gets an automatic 5
    May I add, a DUPLICATE of surgery in year 5)
    40 (5)

    (automatic 5)
    Propedeutics of Dentistry
    (nonsense class, we had lectures in a closet a couple of times, and a few times in the teacher's office. We were supposed to do a presentation at the end to technically have an assessment, and everyone did it on cavities, most were plagiarized from the students from the previous year..
    Classes ended after 30 minutes to 1 hour)
    25 (5-10)
    Preventive Medicine
    (a DUPLICATE class, the exact same thing as DIABETOLOGY in internal medicine in 4th year! same teachers, same presentation topics, the only extra stuff is how to avoid the flu and back pain. Classes end after 1 hour, or there are hour-long breaks where the teacher just vanishes)
    40 (5-15)
    (unnecessary time wasting, most of the electives are DUPLICATE classes that you will do later anyways or have already done, because there is no one willing to come up with an original syllabus for a class. just an attempt to make this school seem like a US-style school, where students get to "choose electives" NO. )
    ( 1 per elective)
    Summer training in the field of Internal Medicine- 4 weeks
    (if you do this in LODZ, its only about 1-2 weeks, a few hours a day, doing nothing at the department, since most students cannot speak Polish.Most of the students falsify the document saying they completed this training in their "home countries" as they say it. What a mess)
    120 (40)

    Total 938


    Time actually spent in a classroom or course? = 590 -600 hours.
    DUPLICATE CLASSES = 6/16 = 37.5%
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