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    Medical "University" of Lodz - Letters from the Dean's office


    Current UMED student here. Here's just a gem that was e-mailed to us from the UMED administration. The scale of complaints that has begun to circulate the English division staff has clearly forced their hand to write this,
    stongly worded letter. I would like to put in my 2 cents.

    Dear Students,

    We have recently received some signals from the teachers of different courses concerning their discontent related to the Studentís general attitude towards the educational process occurring in the frame of conducting classes as well as certain course organization.

    It is based on the cultural and educational tradition that the teacher, being responsible for the teaching process and its outcomes, is the person who decides on the form, pace, time and the manner of conduct in the classroom.

    It is also the teacherís right and responsibility to define the course requirements, rules and regulations which they can naturally expect the students to act in accordance with.

    Therefore, we would like you to be aware of the expectations towards you as the Students of The Medical University of Lodz who took an Oath to respect the teachers, principals of social and peer relationships and fulfill their obligations.

    We truly hope that this email will help you comprehend the situation and adjust accordingly to avoid the necessity of use of disciplinary measures.

    Directorof Administrative Centre of the Medical Studies in English

    Just to be brief, since I am running out of energy here.

    Discontent related to students' general attitude towards the education process?? This seems to apply to all the student complaints coming into the Dean's office due to the lack of effort from the teachers' side.

    Course organization? LACK there-of to be frank, in many cases.

    The lack of specifics in this e-mail makes it completely moot, and the Dean's office cannot send this kind of general email to all students and expect to produce a mass tranquility among the students! We don't know who or what this actually pertains to! I can guarantee you that the number of complaints certainly did not go down, whatsoever.

    The email continues to state that the teacher is the person who decides on the form, pace, time and manner of conduct in the classroom. Agreed, but this is how I see it. Teachers do not decide themselves on the TIME of the classes, the Dean's office does. I elaborated in the Curriculum breakdown that the number of hours assigned to certain classes DOES NOT correspond to the actual hours conducted by the teacher. Is it the teacher's right to decrease the number of teaching hours for a course, going overtly against the instructions from the Rules and Regulations created by the University and corresponding to Regulations in the EU? Wow, such power.

    Form, pace and manner of conduct are such vague ways to suggest that the teacher is given 100% "creativity rights" for each course. This is technically encouraged, but every teacher was educated the EXACT same way, care the exact same amount: NOT at ALL.

    In addition to this, I might add, few courses have an NBME final exam, which, to the reasonable mind, suggests that the teachers must somehow change the "Form, pace and manner" to match a USA style exam and prepare students for it. The answer is no, since they themselves have no clue what the NBME exam entails, and they simply are happy they do not need to put together the final exam. Therefore, "NBME exam" for the teacher means "early summer vacation" since no marking or writing is required.

    The email continued to state that it is the teacher's right and responsibility to define the course requirements. This isn't entirely true, however, since aren't there EU standards, or university standards? Actually, no. This is what allows teachers to cut large chunks out of the curriculum and TEST students however they wish. Doesn't it make sense for ALL POLISH med school have a standardized test for major subjects like BIOCHEM, ANATOMY, PATHOLOGY etc, just like the NBME is in the USA? NO! Again, medical school aren't invested in EDUCATING anyone..
    When simple solutions aren't implemented, it raises eyebrows about the actual interest of these schools.

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    Dear medstudious,

    We cannot agree with your opinion. However, we appreciate all remarks, comments and suggestions from our students. Feel free to contact us directly, we will be happy to discuss all the relevant issues.

    Student Office

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