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Thread: Email from MUL

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    Email from MUL


    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. I sent an email concerning the recognition of the English MD programs provided by MUL and here's the result:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Is there any graduate of MUL can share your experience with us?

    I am actually concerned about the degree they confer to the graduates of the MD programs.

    MUL's website states that "degree obtained : LEKARZ (MD)", which looks soooooo good to me.

    However, in some pictures that I found online, I noticed that the diplomas that the graduates were holding were with the title of "Doctor of Medicine" instead of "Lekarz".

    It may seem normal to you guys, but according to GMC-UK, doctors who qualified in Poland need to provide a "Higher Education Medical Diploma with the title “Lekarza”" as the "evidence of qualification" to support their application.

    In addition to above, "if the title of your Polish degree is not as described as above you will also need to send to us a document from the regional medical chamber with which you are registered which confirms that this qualification is treated by Poland as equivalent to the Dyplom ukonczenia studiów wyzszych na kierunku lekarskim z tytulem "Lekarza" as detailed in Article 23.6 of Directive 2005/36/EC."

    My question is: will "Doctor of Medicine" really be treated as equivalent to "Lekarz"?

    Also, do the graduates get a passport-sized diploma in Polish language or an A4-sized one in English language?

    Many thanks!

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    The diplomas that graduated hold in the photos are the fancy display diplomas. They are not legal documents. The official diploma is an A5-sized booklet that does indeed say LEKARZ, on both the original Polish version and the English true copy. The true copies are also A5-sized when folded in half. When the time comes, you can order extra copies of any of the diploma-related documents, for an extra fee of course

    I've looked into this as I will be applying to the GMC for further training and eventually specialization after I finish my 1 year of internship in Poland.

    As for the lack of certification with the California Medical Board, the information in that email is correct. Oddly enough, the Polish medical program is accredited, but not the English one.
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