Ok to help clear up some questions that I have seen repeated often in this forum. First of all I am a current student here at MUL, not someone that has left or transfered to another school.
1) California---no as of right now we do not have Cali approval for the english programme---but let me explain why and what is being done to gain this approval. The administration here at MUL knows how important this is and has issued a committee that will be handling this. First, information from Cali is that the school has to have a cetain number of students pass Step 1 and also the english programme has to be around for atleast 5 years. We have this now and the proper steps will be taken to gain approval. We have also been told by Cali that the approval will be retroactive-which means past graduates will be able to gain licensure in Cali. If you have any questions about this please let me know and I will answer them as best that I am able.
2) USA rotations---yes we have had students return to the States for rotations--in fact from my class this past year we had atleast 4 if not more--hard to keep up with people once they leave Lodz. Also people choose to do some in the UK and some in the States--so a lot of moving around, you have to be dedicated and willing to plan some on your own, but it is very do-able. But on the other hand-I decided to stay in Lodz for my rotations--the hands on experience here is amazing and much more than you will be allowed to do as a student in the States.
3) This year one of our graduates applied and succeeded in the match in the States. The reason that there are not more is that so far most grads are taking year(s) off to study for Steps. This is not necessary because in my class we have had students prepare and pass Step 1 while still in 3rd year-and fact some people will be writing Step 2 and Canadian exam this summer before our 4th year. Also we have graduates that are working in the UK in the Foundation Programme.
4) AIM---that is another issue in itself-yes they are not clear with all the facts, but do you really expect an agency that takes your money to hold your hand the entire time? We are all adults. And not everyone at AIM is a "bad" person--there is one who really does help and listens to you when you need her to-that is all I am saying on that.
Please remember that medical school is an individual experience and that you will gain exactly what you put into it. It has been my experience that those that complain the loudest are never happy no matter where they are. Of course Poland is not the first pick of school for any of us, but once you are here-make the best of it and enjoy and LEARN!!
If you have any questions, comments, suggestions-please let me know and I will be glad to help.