I just spoke to a friend that has just arrived. The living situation seems to be very difficult...not enough space for clothing, personal space, 4 people in tiny suites, etc. so from reading the other posts in another thread, there seems to be no resolution until the other dorm in renovated. Is there any access to housing in the city? My friend is really upset about the entire thing. There seems to be no place to study and the library closes at very early.

I don't see that anyone has posted anything as to how they are making it now that everyone has arrived. The original thread on the issue has had no posting since 9/23/2007. Now that you guys are actually there you are probably way to busy for this forum. If any of you get a chance to respond I would like to know if it is really as bad as my friend says. I'm really scared for him to continue using AIM right now, but hopefully things get better.

Anyway, you guys do your best academically since you are already there. I wish you all the very best and hopefully by next semester the other dorm will be ready or by then maybe you all will know enough about the city to possibly rent your own apartments. Good Luck!!!