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Thread: MUG Incoming Students 2016

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    MUG Incoming Students 2016

    Hello everyone!

    I was accepted into MUG - Medical University of Gdansk. I am very excited about studying medicine but since this medical school is not so popular yet it has been difficult to find out a lot of information about how things actually work for students there.

    All I know is that most of the students in the English division come from Scandinavia (mostly Sweden in fact), students are divided into groups of 10 in the beginning of 1st year (and each group has its own schedule), and 60% is the minimum required to pass an exam. Besides this, I don't know much more.

    These are the questions I'd ask someone who studies in Gdansk (so please give me some feedback if you are a student there):

    Where do we buy the books? Do we get a list of books we should by in the beginning of the year?
    Do we have to pay any taxes/fees on the books we buy from amazon.com for example?
    How many chances (in total) does one have to pass an exam?
    Are we required to pass midterm exams in order to qualify for the final exam?
    Are the exams mostly oral or written?
    Are the lectures worth to attend for the most part? Is it OK to ask questions in class or should we just figure it out on our own most of the time?
    Do students have access to a good library in the main campus? Are any of these opened until late in the evening?

    When I took the entrance exam the Head Professor of Anatomy talked a little bit about the university and apparently 2 big buildings are under construction and will be ready in about 2 years. These will offer the most advanced technology he recommended everyone who is thinking about surgery of some kind. Nonetheless, the medical hospital where students have their training is still very new (2012). I hope it's a good school.
    The professors seemed to be very professional and capable regardless the lack visibility of this medical school in particular.

    Has anyone already been accepted to MUG? Are you actually going to study there? Anyone outside Scandinavia keeping an eye on MUG?
    I hope so!

    I look forward to meeting the medical aspirants of 2016!

    Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

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    I was accepted Into the pre med program 2016 and wanted to know if its worth it? And also to gain admission In the 6 year M.D program after your done with the pre med do you need to just pass or be one of the top scorers in the pre med? Please reply soon I need to take a decision!

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