stay away from Horizon View

Landlord doesn't care and won't help you with anything. He just wants his money.
He harasses people when their rents are past due! Shows up at midnight or later and sometimes he will be banging on your door at 6 am.

No hot water
No internet
No backup generator for blackouts
Most apartments AC don't work
He cut off TV
Electricity bill is so high and he doesn't show you an actual bill (just his words)

Landlord is very creepy with female tenants.
Things will go missing from your place when you go home for breaks
Cockroaches get in by the unsealed doors, cracked windows and the AC units
You are not allowed to do laundry more than 4 times a month
Very small rooms and expensive rent for this size rooms

If he offers you a car for $400 per month, DONT do it. The cars that he rents are not safe at all. They all have mechanical issues! Many students have been stranded because the car just stopped in middle of the road.

This guy wants all your money but will not give you any services in return!

No one stays at his building for more than two semesters and they usually have to stay because they have a lease.

Save yourself the headache and just don't move here. He will make you sign a contract that you can not get out of later.

DO not fall for the website and the pictures he has posted. He only has one apartment looking nice for the pictures. The rest are just dirty and almost nothing works.

Very old and dirty mattresses on beds that you just want to vomit when you see it.

Old, dirty, stained toilet seats that are just horrible. You don't even want to use the bathroom after seeing it.

Very unreliable internet and electricity and there is no backup generator. Sometimes you have to deal with the heat and darkness for all night!

Lots of insects and cockroaches running around. They come up the shower drains and kitchen sink drains.

Small refrigerators that get so hot that turns your place into a cooking oven.

I can go on and on and on, just do yourself a favor and DO not fall this guy. He will act all nice and accommodating up until you sign a lease. After that he has you committed and he just won't care about anything else.

He mostly preys on incoming students that don't know any better. No one can stay here for more than a semester. Many people can't even take that, they just move in middle of the semester!