The wording is pretty tricky in the acceptance package:

"All new, unaccompanied students are required to stay on campus for the first semester. The definition ofunaccompanied is a student that does not have someone living with them on a permanent basis (additionalperson must qualify for a temporary residence). "

However, if two incoming premed students decide to get an apartment, this would be allowed since we would be "accompanying" each other. I figured it would be better to get an apartment right from the get-go since we wouldn't have to move out at the end of the semester nor would we have to deal with finding a place to live when second semester comes around. Naturally you'd probably like to see if we're a good fit so here is some quick info about me

  • 24 year old male
  • Had a roommate in undergrad
  • I like to keep common areas clean and I hope you do too
  • Don't smoke (no smokers please)
  • Don't drink (no alcoholics please)

So if you're interested, give me a PM. Thanks!