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    Got some questions before heading to the island!!!


    Hi people Im a n00b and kinda worried and anxious about medschool. I got some questions:

    1) Should I buy the required textbooks and ship it to my house before I head to the island? Or should I wait and just get it when I get down there?

    2) MUA did not sent me a tuition bill or the expenses I am expected to spend over the course of the next 4 years, what should I sent to my bank to get a loan??

    3)Is $150, 000 be enough for the program? If so I might not get a loan so I dont have to bill any interest, and get a loan later on until I really need it?

    Thanks in advance people

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    Welcome to Value MD, you'll find a lot of good info. here.
    1. Id' wait to get to the Island. You can often buy used books there from upper term students. If not, the company ships there for not much. You may need the weight allowance in your bags for other stuff. Also, big caveat, I only used about 20% of the books I paid for and by 3rd term I bought almost no books. Consider if you are a book person or not. The lecture power points are so good, and if you type notes on your puter, the book is only for refference and the library has those.
    2. You'll get a bill. I had a family there so I'm not a good one on expenses. Food is about 25-50% more there. Most other things are roughly similar. You may need to figure about 3-400$ U.S. per month to rent a car, if you like? Or you can share one with another student. Resteraunts there are very good and roughly same cost as here. There's no 1$ fast food items though.
    3. Considering you're there roughly 20 months, and that equals 7.5K/month, and tuition is about 3k/month? I'd think 4.5k/month is WAY WAY more than you need. Figure going home each 2 terms or so, that's probably average and it's what, 1200 or so to fly home? Rough math seems you'll do fine and have some extra for fun stuff like going over to The Marriot at St. Kitts or hopping over to other Islands for a weekend. I'd really reccomend seeing the other Carib Islands while you're there.

    Good luck and all the best.
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