i am a student at chabert medical center and i live in southdown pavilion apartments which is not even 2 miles away from the hospital , i will be leaving to chicago on june the 15th 2012 , BUT PAID UNTIL THE END OF JUNE, but i will be coming back on september the 24th for my surgery rotation here ... so what i am looking for is a student who is common to louisiana for a 3 month period and needs housing ... my apartment is awesome and the apartment complex is amazing , they have a pool and a gym, u can look it up on google... i am paying $750 a month , electricity is never more than 25 dollars... i will leave all my furnisher here for u to use and all my studying equipment (studying table , office chair , big white board, desk lamp... ) and also my kitchen stuff.. coffee maker , toaster.... so all u have to do is just move in and pay for 3 month ... I AM TRYING TO FIND SOMEONE JUST BECAUSE I WANT TO COME BACK TO THE SAME APARTMENT IN SEPTEMBER, CUZ I WONT LIVE ANYWHERE ELSE OTHER THAN SOUTHDOWN PAVILION CUZ THEY ARE SIMPLY GREAT APARTMENTS , AND CLOSE TO THE HOSPITAL... SO LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE INCASE UR INTERESTED AND I WILL LET U KNOW WHAT THE DEAL IS .. MY NAME IS MOUSSA , U CAN EMAIL ME AT : [email protected] or u can call me at 313 seven four zero 1111