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Thread: SABA transfer

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    SABA transfer


    I'm looking to start at either AUA, MUA or UMHS.

    I know that AUA has CA and NY approvals, but I wouldn't start until September.
    MUA has NY, and I would start in May, but it is also Saba's sister school. Therefore same politics, but aren't there weird politics at all Caribbean schools?
    UMHS doesn't have the approvals, but I would start May. I've heard good things about the school though. What are everyone's plans in terms of rotations and residency down the road because of the lack of state approvals.

    I understand that if the school can get NY approval (or even Florida) that would be key. My understanding is that these states allow retroactive approval too. But, any school w/o CA approval from day 1 of a student's education will ban that student from ever working in CA or any state that follows the CA medical board.

    Has anyone else come from SABA to MUA?

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    I have met a few class mates that transferred from saba to mua. i consider saba as having stronger students. that said the ones I know that have transferred have struggled at mua to pass all their classes. meaning.... whatever caused you to fail or want to transfer out of saba may also become an issue at mua.

    I don't mean to be harsh, I have made several friends from saba because we had rotations together. some of those same friends matched at the same school for residency. overall, they are very strong medical students, and I imagine they are doing great in their residency.

    that aside, i would pick MUA. some of my friends transferred from mua to other school and it is sad some of the issues they have to deal with. mua is not perfect, but I am very happy with how things worked out at mua. be nice to the administration and do well, they will bend over backwards to have to successfully matching into residency.

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