Can one of the school officials please respond to this thread.

Can you please respond and let us know why you are still continuing this waiting 40 weeks before allowing students to write Step 2 CS.
As I explained in my previous thread we can't go into the residency match because we won't be able to apply for the match in time. I don't understand we push students to write step 1 within 3 months but now everyone is being held back a year??

I like 90% of my fellow students have huge loans and waiting a year while interest accumulates on 100K loans is very unfair.

I rotate with AUA, ROSS, St George, St Eustacia students and no other school has this policy.

Please also do not tell us that its for the best interest of passing CS, because CS is the easiest of the steps and if some people don't want to study or pass CS, then we should not all be penalized as a result.