Hey everyone I am a incoming Med 1 student at MUA Nevis this Sept. and had a few questions for people.

-Are there any places to work out on the island. Studying and eating will no doubt cause the pounds to pack on. Also exercise does a body and mind good.

-How is the transportation that the school provides to and from the dorm facilities and how often does it run?

-I was told that getting a single room is pretty much impossible with so many people vying for them. How was your experience with the roommate which the school selected for you

-Do the dorm rooms contain a fridge? A/C is included in the fee correct?

-Are there places to eat close by to the dorms? Does the school cafeteria serve food all day and into the evening for dinner?

-Are the tests broken up into 5 units? This is better as it gives you a chance to make up in case you do crappy on the the first or 2nd.

-How are the locals? Friendly?

Would be nice to speak with some other incoming Med 1 people for this Sept. as well. Where are you all coming in from?