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    The problem with "free speech" in a professional forum


    The problem with Value MD is that anyone can say anything. Take the 85% thread for example. A troll who is now permanently banned started a negative attack on a simple truthful statement I made. Not a single student stood with them, students and others came to the defense of the the simple truth of my statement. And not a single student has failed yet and when some do I am sure they will post as I have asked out of respect for the honor system we have in place here at MUA. I am so proud of. Look at the premed thread where posters supposedly in the "know" flagrantly post misinformation. It makes me sad.

    The only way to accurately judge schools is to speak live with students directly whose opinions you trust or better yet visit the schools if expenses permit. Ask hard questions. Look at your chances and desires realistically and make sure you invest wisely in your education. Look at the island, The cost of tution, the attrition rate, the level of professors, the committment of administration, the happiness of the students, what are the first time pass rates, are shelfs given, the rotations, clinical students happiness, residency slots. Are people learning and "owning" the material.

    My PM is always open to students from anywhere with questions.

    I wish and pray that you all reach your goals. Health care is a beautiful profession and the ability to bring comfort and hope is the most noble of human endeavors. Reach your goals realistically and with devotion and Godspeed.
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