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    Factual Information


    If you would like to find out more information about this school then I suggest getting in contact with the Dean. He is more than happy to answer any and all questions. It is a lot better to get your information that way than to read this forum.

    Call the school and ask for a list of students they recomend contacting, ask for the SGA reps, ask for the contact information for the Spouses of Students organization, all would be better than waisting your time reading through the junk that gets posted on this Forum.

    Good luck to all, study hard, and take everything you hear, including this thread, with a grain of salt......
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    Final Post

    Last week I took a "break" from the board to rethink how to approach my posting. Professionalism and keeping myself constructive and respectful dictate that I no longer participate on this board. The fact that the TOS do not require truthfulness is a shame. Bashing your school is only bashing yourselves, constructively coming to me with problems that most of you know I try to fix immediately when I can is mature and professional. "Human error" as one poster explains her "mistakes" while other peoples "mistakes" are "mistruths" is a prime example of what is wrong with this board. Medicine is a gift and a privilege that requires incredible hard work and dedication. Maturity and professionalism and respect for one's colleagues is paramount if you ever want to be a true healer. Those of you with the energy to keep posting the honest truth about the school please do because it will only help yourselves. Please pass the word that I am no longer participating and if anyone wishes to defend the school against a small minority it is up to them. As for those of you who need facts you can call me anytime at the school. And I will monitor the campus board for students.
    I wish you all well and Godspeed.
    Dean T
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