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Thread: MUA Rules!!!!

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    MUA Rules!!!!


    Ok, now that I've got your attention I just wanted to say that over my 5 semesters here at MUA I have seen quite a few ups and downs but mostly downs prior to this semester. I was very critical of the school and still am in certain areas, but the Dean is doing everything in his power to make whatever changes need to be made as fast as he can make them to ensure our success at this school. He may rub you the wrong way every once in a while but he sure does mean well, so cut him some slack and give everything some time to develop.

    I also wanted to say that I am the current SGA President here at MUA. Which gives me some pretty good insight as to what goes on here at the school. So if you have any questions or comments about the school I would be more than happy to help you out in any way. I would give you my personal email and name but ValueMD won't let me, most of you students should already have my email address from the SGA Block Announcement emails... for those that don't just send me a Private message, and I'll help wherever I can.

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    This is supposed to be a free and open forum. We are not behind the iron curtain of the former soviet union or the great wall of China. Censorship should not be acceptable to anyone. Students should be free to air their concerns without pressure or fear of retribution from anyone. To dictate or qualify what people are allowed to say (as long as they respect Value MD rules of posting) is completely unacceptable. No one should be afraid or intimidated by anyone affiliated with the school. Students should feel free to express their opinions regardless of the response they might illicit from administration or SGA. Free Speech my friend is an inalienable and fundamental human right. Let us respect it.
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