St Kitts and Nevis is documented by APHIS and CDC as a RABIES-FREE COUNTRY. Therefore there is NO quarantine for your pet going to the USA.

A health certificate from Dr Patricia Bartlette-Powell, Tel: (869) 469 0878 Sel: (869) 663 2117 is to be obtained no longer than 10 days prior to departure.

Dr. Bartlette-Powell will note on the health certificate St Kitts and Nevis rabies free status as well as the maximum and minimum temperature your pet will safely manage during transport once arriving in the US.

For different airline temperature restrictions once arriving in the US please see individual airline temperature restrictions as each airline differ.

American Airlines – Travel Information - Special Assistance – Flying with Pets has a good website with info.


Airline: Amerijet
This airline only flies as far as Miami from St Kitts & Nevis. Another airline such as American Airlines must be used from Miami to your final destination.

American Eagle does not fly animals in cargo from Nevis. They do however allow small pets under 20lb in cabin. Please see last mentioned web page for details.

Where: Flights leave from St Kitts

Process: Pets and the container get weighed and measured at the Airport in Nevis a few days prior to departure. Phone the weight and measurements through to Amerijet agent. This will be passed to the office in St Kitts and a quote is given for the flight. Pay on the day of the flight.

The pet is to be taken to St Kitts the day of the flight via Ferry. Alternatively there is also a water taxi from Qualie Beach to St Kitts (tel: Kobi 662-9166).

Keep in mind that many Ross students also leave the island with their pets so ensure you make reservations early.

When: Amerijet flies out three times a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s. One of these days will be a direct flight to Miami. The schedules change the end of each month. Please contact the office for the latest update on which day will be a direct flight to Miami. If a flight is chosen via San Juan there could be a stop over of up to12 hrs.

Cost: (As quoted by Amerijet on 03/21/07)

Weight for pet and container: US$ 1.45 / lb
Security surcharge: US 0.03 c/lb

Fuel surcharge: US 0.13 c/lb
Document processing charge: US$25
Import document: US$25

Amerijet Head Office: 1800 927 6059

SKB Station Director: Ken Pennyfeather
(869) 466 9595
[email protected]

SKB Agent: Celestine Huggins

(869) 466 9595


Cost from Miami to home destination using American Airlines:

Checked Pets
Within and between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

For fees to other destinations, contact

$100 USD / $137 CAD* per container
Pets Traveling in the Cabin
Within and between the United States and Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

$80 USD / $109 CAD* per container

Please also see the following webpage under for additional information regarding reservations, additional requirements such as documentation and pet safety.
If you purchase a kennel in the US on your break and bring it back to the island as excess baggage in preparation for the move keep the guidelines on last mentioned website in mind. If you were not able to go back to the US and do not have a container a network of people on the island might be able to help.

If your pet needs to be greeted by another individual in Miami and placed on their connecting flight or/and boarded overnight arrangements can be made with a licensed pet sitter and transporter in Miami.

Kritters & Kidz

Karen Bromberg
Tel: (305) 865 7020
Sel: (305) 761 2107


The following websites, agencies and individuals were contacted and researched to compile the above information.

APHIS home page:
Import animals program – Tel: (301) 734 3277


Tel: (404) 498 1600 or 1877 394 8747

PORT Vet’s that will be inspecting the health certificate and pet on arrival on US soil.

San Juan

Dr Miquel A. Borri-Diaz
(787) 392 3291 (787) 766 6050 (787) 485 8040


Dr Richard C Combre
(305) 526 2926

SKB Agent: Celestine Huggins
(869) 466 9595

American Airlines

American Airlines Cargo


If you need any assistance in any of these steps there is a network of people on the island that will help and do wherever they can to
get them home!

If any additional information can be added to this document please e-mail: [email protected]

Updated: 03/21/07

Disclaimer: The author of this document cannot be held responsible for any changes to above information. This document is for general informational purposes only and should not be seen as an authoritative source. The reader agrees to all terms of this disclaimer. All information contained herein should be verified with appropriate agencies.