..how dare some people ask the forum adminstrator to take down the mua belize forum for their own selfish gains..some people simply cannot help themselves or come to terms with their own failures in life..this mua belize forum is an invaluable tool for those individuals who had no choice but to finish with the school or had completed the program during the "good ol'days"..the mua belize forum is our "swan song" we do not need some disgruntled individual with an agenda pretending to be a mouthpiece for the mua belize students and delegating and meddling in our personal affairs..sorry to hear that some students cannot find success at other institutions so they can only resort to attacks on other students who worked there behinds off!..what if the shoe was on the other foot?..WE NEED THIS FORUM TO BE ALIVE..LET'S STAND UP AGAINST THE DETRACTORS WHO ARE TRYING TO INTEREFERE AND MAKE LIFE EXTRA DIFFICULT FOR US JUST BECAUSE THEY COULD'NT HANDLE IT..AND DECIDED TO TAKE AN EASY WAY OUT.WHICH IN TURN SHOWED HIM OR HER WHOSE BOSS.