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    In Case You Weren't Thoroughly Disgusted Yet...


    View original article at: 7 News Belize

    6 Cadavers Found at Abandoned Medical School

    6 cadavers were discovered yesterday in San Pedro Town. They were brought to Belize for research at the Medical University of the Americas. The thing is that the school building has, for all intents and purposes, been abandoned for three years. And so for three years – the human remains were left rotting – until yesterday when they were found.

    K.S. Reporting,
    The six cadavars were found here – on examination tables inside what appears to have been a laboratory at the now abandoned Medical University of the Americas in San Pedro. Town Council workers made the ghastly find yesterday.

    S.G. Jr., Foreman – Town Council
    “J.S. donated the furniture to us so we came to clean up and then one of my workers came in here and found the bodies that are here.”

    Do you know where they came from or what they are doing here?

    S.G. Jr.,
    “Well this was a medical school so they had these cadavers for medical purposes.”

    How long have they been here?

    S.G. Jr.,
    “In my estimation, about three years.”

    How many did they find?

    S. G. Jr.,
    “Well I think they are about six of them. Five of them are preserved but one of them is half fixed, the texture is loose and has plasma, like body fluid coming out of it.”

    No foul play is suspected but it has left a foul taste in the mouth of the Town Council.

    S.G. Jr.,
    “They can’t leave cadavers just like that. It has to be put in the ground.”

    You were shocked when you found them? What was your reaction?

    “Well I wasn’t shocked but it is a bad thing to do on their behalf.”

    The Town Council says it will be bury the remains. The school opened its Belize Campus in February of 2002. 5 years later in 2007 the building was placed for sale. The school was run by Dr. J.S. He is out of the country but we did contact his wife R.S. who told us she is no longer associated with the school and she could not comment. She did concede involvement with the school but said that was years ago. The school however does still operate outside of Belize, in St. Kitts and Nevis. It’s website it mentions that students dissect cadavers.
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