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    A cab driver with excellent service


    There are several excellent cab drivers in San Pedro who go out of their way to accomodate the special needs of medical students. At the top of my list is Samuel, tel. 623-5802. He lives in back of the "Tortilla Factory", near Flamboyant Park. Samuel will take you from anywhere to anywhere -- except over the bridge -- for $5BZ ($2.50US). He won't nickle/dime you for momentary stops to pick something up at a store, and he won't charge you for carting your boxes or purchases from stores to your house.

    Samuel drives a cab owned by Carlos, who is also good, although a bit more expensive; tel. 610-4446. In fact, if you call Carlos and he's busy, Samuel might show up, or vice versa. If both are busy, Rigo (ree'-go) might show up; he's Carlos' brother: tel. 610-5256. He's good, too.

    These drivers can help with logistical problems; they know where everything is, when places are open, and how to cut corners if you need to sidestep the bureaucracy.

    Tell them "Richard the medical student" sent you; maybe I'll get a free ride if I ever return to San Pedro.
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    Good post, I can attest to that... Carlos, Samuel, and Rigo are honest and students-friendly cab drivers. They will certainly go to the extreme to assist and make the 'transportation thingy' smooth sailing.

    I must say that I was very grateful for their support. Though, the situation is not 100% I see can see the bright sun rays on the horizon.

    San Pedro is on my mind.

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