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    Do any US state licensing boards accept an EU residency?


    I'm interested in attending school in the EU . (I'm still in the planning stages and could use some guidance.) After completing the MD, I may be interested in a residency in the EU. Would that residency be recognized in the US or would I have to do another one? What about a US residency being recognized in the EU? I can't find anything that explicitly says one way or the other. Any feedback would be welcome.

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    In almost every case, EU residencies are not accepted in the US.

    There are a couple of "alternate pathways" for specific specialties (specifically radiology and anesthesia) that allow excellent, foreign-trained specialists in these fields to come to the US, complete a number of years of fellowship training, and then -- pending successful completion -- take the US radiology or anesthesia specialty boards. These are limited and highly competitive programs, and note that their continuation is not guaranteed in perpetuity.

    Additionally, GPs who trained in the UK or Republic of Ireland may apply for approval by the Family Medicine board in the US, as long as they complete the USMLEs and meet eligibility criteria.

    That about does it, as far as being board certified for practice in the US. The opportunities are pretty limited. Any other specialties are out of the question unless you become super-freaking-awesome in your field and a US medical school wants to hire you on a special state-licensing exemption, and then you would be limited to working for university clinics and hospitals.

    Bringing US training to the EU can be done, but it is pretty hard without an EU passport (or being married to someone with one). It also varies wildly from country to country, even within the EU. Some places will hire you if you speak the language, even (possibly) without an EU passport, and others will not even consider it... even if you are fluent.

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