Ok, I need everyone's advice, since there are quite a few experienced users on valuemd who have been through it all....esp those who have done AOA accredited rotations....and how this will affect RESIDENCY?

If an AOA rotation (through a DO school) has an associated residency program with it that is ACGME AND AOA accredited, does that essentially make the rotations "green" as well? or would it still be considered blue? I keep reading different things, and I don't care where I practice...I just wanted to know if anyone could shed some light on this? Maybe I keep getting the terms confused, so i'm starting to confuse myself!
For example, say the DO school has an IM rotation with an associated IM residency that is ACGME and AOA accredited...if I did the IM there, and then wanted to apply for an IM residency in another state, will this rotation limit me to applying for only a DO residency or will it be ok for an MD residency? Obviously u should do the green rotation, but since it's accredited by both ACGME and AOA, does it matter at that point??

or is this something I just need to call state boards and ask? just curious if anyone was thinking of the same issues.....

another question is...say IM is 12 weeks...DO students do an IM rotation, but it is only about 8 weeks or so (not exactly positive but I know for sure that it is less than 12 weeks at most schools, if not all) so how would that qualify as being acceptable to the school or other programs, when the length of time differs? or is that not even an issue bc the rotation is accredited either way?