i was reviewing some entries and had some ideas.

1) i think we need to need an administrative body that oversees the
quality of medical education in the west indies. the standards should
be uniform but reasonable.
In the usa some allopathic schools have higher gpas and mcat scores
scores; so the principle should be the same. some schools will have
higher admission criteria.

2) the host country must be involved on multiple levels including
allowing the eventual graduate to practice there.

3) what is happening is somewhat depressing because the qualified
grads who demonstrated their competence are having to practice
elsewhere or being restricted in terms of practice and jobs.

4) if an applicant wants to practice in a restricted state; then this
will be a long legal battle and the state has unlimited resources and
the applicant takes the risk of denial of his/her record.

5) the schools in the west indies in general have done a poor job
of advocating for themselves and their graduates. we dont have local
representation ; for example california and some states have an
osteopathic board.

6) the graduates that succeed dont really care because they already made it. also some people on this board have bad intentions to
damage someones career. for example, contacting the hospital and
bringing up negative infor which may or may not be true.this is one reason why people stay quiet after succeeding. but the day will come when you might want a job in a certain state that might be restricted to you in the future.

7) the explosion in the number of schools is good and bad. it gives
people more choices but bad because if the new schools are not
having proper structure it taints the reputation of everyone in