Hi Everyone,

I have recently been accepted to medical school starting in May of this year. This acceptance was granted on the merit of my good MCAT score and my 2 B.S. degrees. One in Computer Science, the other in Biomedical Sciences. Although I have done Biochem in my Biomed degree, I have never done Organic Chemistry.

My questions is: Will my lack of O. Chem be a problem when comes the time of state licensure?

Although I have already been accepted, should I scramble and get my O. Chem pre-reqs done in the meantime as a pre-emptive measure? There is a college nearby that gives accelerated courses and I would be able to get O Chem I & II done before May. Of course if I don't have to, I'd rather focus on others things: Sell House, Plan Stuff, Quit Job, Sell Furniture, Sell Cars, Prepare Kids....:-)

Thanks so much for your help!

WantMD :-)