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    how do you convince friends/family that this is the best thing for you?

    how do you convince friends/family that going offshore is the best thing for you to do?
    I havent told my parents yet, that what im scared of hehe.
    But alot of my friends are saying things like:
    is this for real?
    do really want to be a doctor that bad?
    you wont get anywhere once you graduate.
    If you dont get into med school in the US that means youre not good enough to be a doctor.
    You're gonna be in a hut for the next 2 years w/o food,water and/or electricity.
    why dont you keep try for dental/grad school/nursing/ etc school?
    They just dont take me seriously. I ve been researching this for the last 2 years, and i dont know how to sum everything up into a statement for them.
    Share your story advice/experiance...thanks!

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    i initially did not have the support from my family and friends. they thought the carribean was too far away. my really good friend that is a chemistry major could not understand why i would apply to a carribean medical school (she wants to go to an IV league one). she kept telling me that i should study for the mcat and that i was lowering my standards. as for my family they just heard doctor and got excited but my mother who is a nurse was much harder to convince. i did not do a lot of convincing by words but by actions. i saved up my money for my plane ticket and living expenses without bothering her and talked her through my application process. it was funny because the other day i was telling her how i went shopping and she said shouldn't you be saving your money for school. it was subtle but i now know she approves (my stepfather always told me that he never new what school his doc went to so it didn't really matter).
    your true friends will support you. don't put a lot of energy into convincing them. spend it convincing yourself, it sounds like you need it.
    md or bust
    "Too many people let others stand in their way and don't go back for one more try."Hidden Content

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    good points

    flk made some very good points. there are a lot of doctor offspring here! i had already broken the 'unbilical cord' when i got in here so i was not concerned about what my parents would think but i still bombarded them with information on the school and i knew they were concerned. hopefully you will be attending an established school that will put their minds at ease otherwise i don't know how you would convince them.

    some people can recall a point in their lives that changed their relationship with their parents from being viewd as a child to being viewd as an adult. you are the one who has to live your life and at some point you may have the "conflict" when,for better or worse, do what you think is right for you. mine came when i joined the Navy and my parents were totally oposed to it. i always respect their opinions and experience but if i am going to screw up at least i can't blame them for it.

    on the other extreme there are people here who are here just to please their parents b/c all their family are docs. they have said they want to do other things but aren't allowed? i don't get it and that is why i bring up the conflict point. then some people get along with their parents perfectly and never have any problems but i pressume they are few and far between.

    lastly here is the list of people who gave me advice:

    1-my cousin who is a flower 1-IMG's and US grads at the
    wholesaler and wanted me to hospital i worked at
    give up architecture and be a 2-my parents after i showed
    telemarketer working for him them the school
    2-my friend who went to jeweler 3-my mentor and future partner
    school 4-my wife
    3-a seceretary at the hospital 5-my drug addict friend who has
    delussions that i will actually write
    him scripts(never happen)...hehe

    now aside from #5in the for colums who do you think i would consider as a reliable source of advice?

    anatomy pimp

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