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    Failed step 2 ck by one point! What now?


    Hi everyone,

    First of all I would like to thank everyone who reads and posts in these "what now?" threads because they are a lifeline to people like me who are desperate and looking for something to hold on to.

    I'm a US citizen IMG who just got his Step 2 CK score back.... with a 208. One point below the cutoff. My USWA1 was in the high 220s so this came as a huge surprise, but fatigue and outside sound coming into the exam room during the test were possible factors in why I bombed like this.

    The rest of my credentials aren't stellar either:
    -Step 1 202
    -Passed CS on the first try
    -2016 Graduate of a med school in Croatia
    -licensed MD in Croatia, currently working as a junior physician in the ED
    -US citizen (at least I've got that going for me)
    -1 published paper as a co-author

    Before I got my scores back my plan was to move back to the US in the late spring and do a few observerships while editing manuscripts for Croatian colleagues and networking to prepare for applications in September, but now that's all been thrown into chaos.

    I kind of like my life in Europe, though the pay is pooh pooh, eventually I would plan a move to the UK or Germany. Do you think I have a chance in the US at all with my scores and the amount of time I've been out of school?

    Can anyone shed light on possible salvage options for me going forward, even if they don't include doing a US residency?

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    I say the only thing you can do at this point is retake the exam, apply to a lot of places, and hope for the best. I say try to aim for the community hospitals in the US. As a back up, I would also apply to programs in the UK. If you already know you want to live in the UK or Germany, study for the UK exam.

    Just a note though: UK medical training is extensive. As a 25 year old, I calculated that I would be 38 before being able to practice as a full consultant psychiatrist if I applied to the UK after finishing my degree. I will finish my degree at 29. This means an additional 5 years in the UK compared to returning to north America to do a residency in the 4 years. They have two foundation years after the medical degree everyone must complete in the UK. This is like general rotations in a sense. Also the training for the specialty is generally longer.

    Personally, I rather do residency in the US, and finish in 4 years at 33...then if I wanted to live abroad just take the exam for that country afterwards.
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