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Thread: UWI Mona

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    UWI Mona


    I thought I would do a post about University of the West Indies in Mona, Jamaica (Kingston). I have matriculated for the class of 2023. A few things:

    UPDATE: As of 2018, UWI Mona has secured a two year agreement with the US Department of Education. This means American students will have access to US federal money to cover tuition, and other fees at UWI. The contract ends in 2020, but UWI Mona will reapply for another agreement this year (2019).

    -The MBBS program is 5 years long. Many students enter straight from 6th form(their grade 12/13), however, some do have first degrees.

    -(CAAM-HP) accredited. Caribbean Accreditation Authority.

    -Mostly geared towards students wanting to practice in the Caribbean. Hard to get into if you don't have Caribbean or Latin American citizenship. Accepts about 1-3 Canadian and American students annually. However, this is changing. University wants to recruit more North Americans to the programme.

    -In order to get the government sponsored tuition, you have to have 1's across CAPE or As across A-level. Government sponsored tuition is about $5000 US. Students not having this CAPE requirement have to pay the 28,000$ US despite having a Jamaican or Caribbean Citizenship. Make sure you get citizenship before you apply to the program!!! It's very easy to get Jamaican citizenship through parents or grandparents. I am not sure about the other islands or nations but assume it's the same if you have descent from that island. You will not be allowed to switch from self sponsored to government sponsored.

    -Applications open November, and close March 31st. If you have a first degree you will find out earlier depending on how early you apply. If you do not have a first degree, you have to wait until middle of August for CAPE results to be released to receive a decision. Also, no interviews.

    -Out of a starting class of 280, about 200 ish or so make it to the final year. Many students change majors, drop out because of finances, or fail out (if you fail 9 credits more than once I believe it goes to the academic board).

    -Many of students making it to the last year undertake residency in the US.


    -Students possessing first degrees must have at least a 3.0 in a basic science bachelors degree with credits earned in chemistry and biology with B marks in chemistry and biology in high school.

    -If you have an associates degree, you must have a 3.5 in that degree with a triple major of chemistry, biology, and another science. B marks in chemistry and biology in high school.

    -If you have a bachelors degree other than science, you need a 3.3 in the science courses you have undertaken and B marks in chemistry and biology in high school.

    -If you have an allied health degree, you can be considered if you have a 3.3 and B marks in chemistry and biology in high school.

    -If you don't meet the requirements for MBBS you can apply for a SCITECH degree and earn that degree in 3 years, and then transfer to the medical program afterwards. Or you can take a year of a SCITECH degree and then apply for admission to MBBS programme. I believe you also get credit exemption as well shortening the time for the MBBS program. BBMEDSCI students cannot transfer to the MBBS programme.

    Class Schedule/Examinations:

    -Mondays to Fridays: 8am-12pm, 2-4pm on lab days
    -One examination in each of the courses at the end of the semester. First semester consists of Anatomy (Locomotor System), Embryology and Histology, Introduction to Medical Practice (pass/fail course), Cell Biology, Fundamentals of Disease and Treatment, Molecular medicine.

    Overall, I'm really happy with the program so far! I really couldn't afford to pay the $60k+ some other medical schools wanted for the year so the price is a winner for me. Downside, clinical practice doesn't start until Year 3, Semester 2. So you have 2.5 years of basic clinical sciences. I have tried to overcome that by being involved in clinical research where consultants will teach you how to take blood pressures, etc.
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