Hello ,
I need some information on admission statistics of these two universities (Poznan Med school and Jag Med school). I am planning to apply for the MD 4 year program for sept 2016. I am writing my MCAT by the end of Sept and hoping a high competitive score, however, my GPA is not good (2.3, due to my first two years). I also have a lot of clinical and laboratory research experience in the hospital. will I have a chance?
for Jag university, I can calculate my score for the GPA portion out of 20 , which would be 13.44 (Correct me please if I am calculating it wrong). If I do well on the Mcat (out of 40 points) and the interview (out of 40 points) will I have a chance? I noticed that some of the admitted applicants for the 2014/15 yr (according to PDF on Jag website) had GPA scores lower than what I have calculated for mine.
Let me know what you think and if there is anyone in the similar situation who have applied to these universities please msg me or comment below. I am interested to know how it went for you.