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    Future (hopefully) Doc needs a bit of help!


    2 more semesters left at my Caribbean institution and I am done! Began this journey in 2007, and still in rotations due to the loan situation. I am running out of time before my school tells me I'm done due to the time restrictions they have given. This is totally embarrassing and extremely humbling, but here it is....the link to my GoFundMe account. I figure if people can raise thousands for rescue guinea pigs, then I should be able to raise a half semester of tuition and living expenses, right? Lol, if you can help, I appreciate it and if not, please pass on this link... Prayers will also do! Step 2 is just beyond my reach! Thank you everyone!

    Medical School Fundraiser ) by Lauren Nicole Dunkle - GoFundMe
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    Residency - A long work in progress (with headaches)

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    If you don't mind me asking, which school you go to?

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