Hi there, I have posted a few times regarding whether or not I should apply for the match for 2013, but today I got my answer. I received a failing score for step 2 ck today and have decided that it's not the best idea to go through with the application process. I still need to take CS and my step 1 score is barely passing. I think that the best bet for me (I'm also an IMG) is to apply after graduation and therefore with ecfmg certification, as well as all passing scores and taking the step 3 before application.

Now, after that, I'm looking for suggestions regarding what to do during time after graduation and matching. I would love to do research at a hospital with a program to which I'll apply to. I will be working and taking all of the steps that I have left. So how do I go about finding programs that offer research positions? Any suggestions would be VERY welcome~~~~!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!