Hi everyone, here is the situation. I'm a Taiwanese Canadian. I speak fluent Chinese. I'm currently enrolled in a 6 year MBBS program in Peking University (Harvard of China); however, everything here is taught in Chinese and although i'm fluent, it would take a lot of extra effort to convert whatever I learn here back to English, which is what I will have to do if I plan on taking the USMLE/MCCQE. My ultimate goal would be to practice in the US or Canada. What differences would it make for me applying for a residency spot back in the US/Canada being a Chinese Medical Graduate vs. a Caribean Medical Graduate ? Would everything ultimately just depend on the USMLE marks ? What would you do.. ? do you see any potentials in practicing in China/Asia ?

Note: I am 25 years old, going into my second year (5 more years to go), and I am not Chinese.

Any insight would be appreciated ! Thank you !