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Thread: Main Foreign Medical Schools Forum (Updated) - **Please read before posting**

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    Main Foreign Medical Schools Forum (Updated) - **Please read before posting**


    Welcome to the ValueMD Main Foreign Medical Schools Forum! This forum is mainly intended for general discussions regarding international medical education. For those of you who have questions regarding specific schools, or schools located in specific regions, please note that there are many school-specific and region-specific sub-forums on this website. A complete index of sub-forums on this website can be found here .

    Before posting a new thread, kindly use the "Search" option located at the top right hand corner of your page to see if there are existing threads regarding your topic of interest. If you are to start a thread in the Main Foreign Medical Schools Forum which is found to be more suitable for another ValueMD sub-forum, your thread will be moved and, in most cases, a temporary redirect will be left within the Main Foreign Medical Schools Forum. This temporary redirect will expire within 24 hours of the thread being moved. If you are unable to locate your thread, use the search function or send me a private message and I will help you locate it. You can also locate the posts you have made through your profile.

    For posts not directly related to foreign medical education, there are many other sub-forums which may be more suitable for your questions/input. For discussions not directly related to foreign medical education, but rather are personal/political/philosophical in nature, consider posting in the Relaxing Lounge located here .

    Also, please do not make random posts in this forum for the sake of increasing your post count. There is an Increase Your Post Count Thread in the Relaxing Lounge for that purpose. It can be located here .

    While posting here or on any ValueMD sub-forum, please adhere to the Terms of Service you agreed to when you joined this forum. Violations may result in warnings/infractions/bans. Please note that posting spam on this forum will automatically result in deletion of your post and permanent ban of your account without warning. Creation of multiple accounts also will warrant permanent ban.

    Please note that free advertisements are allowed only ONCE in a classifieds forum of your choice (either in one school-specific child forum which can be found by clicking the name of the parent school-specific forum of your choice, or the "Main Medical Marketplace" which can be found here . If you are to post an advertisement in a non-classifieds forum, and it is not found to be spam, your advertisement will be moved to the appropriate classifieds forum and you will be sent a courtesy private message. There will be no redirect, but you will be informed of the new location of your advertisement in the courtesy private message. Duplicate advertisements will be deleted. If you continue to post advertisements after you have been warned, your advertisements will be deleted and you may receive official warnings/infractions.

    Thank you for your time. I hope you will be able to find all that you are looking for here. I hope that you enjoy your stay and wish you all the best in your endeavors.


    [The original thread started by the legendary Moderator Guru Stephew regarding the Main Foreign Medical Schools forum can be found at Much of what I have said here has been influenced by that thread. Thanks Steph.]
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