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    Doing bachelors degree in a foreign country and returning to canada for medical schoo


    I have heard that IMG'S experience hardships when returning to Canada. Because of this i was thinking of doinh my bachelor's degree in Biology in China because my parents cannot afford undergrad and graduate education in Canada, I am from Jamaica and the exchange rate is so high that it would cost around 4.3 Million Jamaican dollars a year just for my undergraduate degree in Canada. I want to know if Canada accepts bachelors degrees from foreign universities and if there are a reasonable chance of me getting into Canadian medical schools by this route

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    No. You will generally not be able to apply to medical school in North America (US/Canada) with a foreign undergraduate degree. In fact, Canada is even more competitive than the States for admission to medical school right now, and many well-credentialed applicants from Canada (very high GPAs, excellent research and volunteer activities, from CANADIAN universities) are having to attend medical school overseas.

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