Just thought I would share this school. Mauritius is a beautiful country!
The schools seems to use the British system - MBBS, they offer a 5 year course for $45000 USD if you pay cash. This for 5 years and you wont be affected if fees go up.

If you are paying per semester I believe it's around $5000 + other costs, in total you will spend $70000 over 5 years and still finish with a good degree. Much cheaper than some of the carib schools.

This doesn't include living expense which will be quite low - especially if you find your own place.

They accept A Levels and I suppose anything equivalent to that - so you cannot be an american high school graduate as I believe A Levels would be at least equivalent to 1 or 2 years of college in the US. I suppose they will also accept IB since it's par with A Levels etc - you will have to ask for yourself if you are interested. I don't know if degree holders would be allowed to do it in four years.

Just thought I would share!
Note* I actually found it through IMED so it's listed for those looking to practice in the US.