Hi there guys,

I have been reading around, and I am planning on applying to the caribbean top 3 or 4 schools. However, one thing that concerns me is the finances of it all. I can't rely on my family economically for any money (I love them to death, but they have their own problems) so I was wondering can you guys explain to me how many loans did you need to get? Can I do this on my own? What would be on average expenses per month while on the island and while doing clinicals in US? Are we qualified for OSAP (eg. I was looking at AUC and it didn't mention whether or not I can apply for OSAP if I go there). What is the maximum amount I can take/OSAP will give and will I be able to get a loan even for personal expenses, because obviously I will have very little saved (if any) and won't be working during those 4 years (I hear med school is equal to 2 full time jobs).

Thanks in advance for you help everyone.