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    Best European Medical Schools?


    Heres my problem:
    1st MCAT: VR6 BS6 PS7
    2nd MCAT: VR4 BS9 PS7

    However, I have a B.S. in Biology with 3.8 GPA, never had a C, and over 6YRS of Clinical experience. 5yrs Nursing Assistant + 1.5Yrs Clinical Lab Technologist at the Mayo Clinic.

    Could someone let me know what the best possible school I could get into that offers 4YR MD and would bring me back to the states easily?

    I live in MN, so Cali is not an issue for me.

    Thank you very much for your time,

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    Hi Luke, well you have lots of experience, and seem to be quite a bright chap, so any of the enterance tests should be no problem, if you prepared correctly. The only thing is finding a 4 year MD course which you can do, as for europe there is England, Ireland, Germany, France. If you were to apply to england or ireland, there would be no language barriers, and you could apply for the graduate entry course, which is 4 years, Although a few of these courses do award an MbChB, MB ** BAO, or just an MBBS, all of which are equivilent to an MD. search these forums for Irish medical schools (southen ireland) such as Trinity college (Dublin).

    Good luck.

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