Hi to all
I'm a doctor from Italy, and my goal is to do the residency in Oncology in Bruxelles (BE), in the ULB (université libre de Bruxelles).
However, even tho I know quite well the procedure to get into the residency, I didn't have the chance to get some "reviews" on some practical topics, like:
1) I've heard that working in the ULB is quite stressing (by doing the oncology residency I'll have to do 3 years of Internal Medicine first) and the working hours are long (a person told me from 60 to 80 hours per week), so there's no time out of the hospital. Is it true?
2) I didn't receive any comments on the quality/possibility of research during the residency.

I'm asking here in the hope that somebody who's already working or worked there could help me.
Thanks in advance