Hello Everyone,

I just joined this forum in a hope of finding some useful information. Specifically, I am confused about training and progression as a fresh graduate from a European country. To introduce myself, I am a British national that completed a six-year MD programme in Romania. In addition, as part of the GMC requirement, I have successfully completed the IELTS exam and have been granted a full license to practice.

As an international medical graduate, with six years of undergrad, I qualify for FY2 jobs as our last year of MD programme is counted towards FY1 i.e. House Traning officer/internship. However, I do not feel that I have adequate knowledge or the skills to carry out FY2 roles. Our last year of med school doesn't give us clinical experience We do not get any real practical experience within our course. In fact, the sixth year of med school isn't much different from the other years in terms of learning. Also, from my understanding, FY2 training posts are very competitive and prioritized to home graduates. So the only posts, we're really left with are locum, which aren't really training posts and therefore you aren't really learning or progressing.

UPDATE: I've read that one would go into a foundation programme via a locum post but, how does that work?